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Update on my hair!  *Excuse the terrible bathroom lighting.*

Sooooooo, I am INCREDIBLY happy with how everything turned out and thought I would elaborate on the process a bit more.  The first three pictures are showing each step I took in lightening up my hair so I could get it a lighter copper/ginger shade.  By the last before picture, I had quite an obvious difference between my length and the top of my head.  Surprisingly, it’s not that noticeable after applying the henna..which I was really impressed with and one of the things I was most worried about going wrong.

My Mixture:
75% Jamila Henna/25% Zenia Cassia Obovata
I think I used about 1 cup henna and .5 cup cassia.
For the dye release, I steeped 7 bags of chamomile tea in 3.5 cups of water.
Added a bit of ginger powder to take away from the smell and a tiny bit of lemon juice for good measure.
Mixed everything together until it was smoothed out, but still relatively thick and let it sit for 4.5/5 hours for dye release.

After that I started applying it to my head and it was a lot easier/less annoying then I thought it would be.  I didn’t find it to be all that messy (which could be the consistency of my mixture) and I didn’t feel rushed due to being afraid of damaging my hair by having it on one section too long.  Also, it didn’t burn my nostrils, eyeballs, or skin..which is one of my biggest issues with chemical dyes.  After I’d evenly coated it throughout my hair, I piled it all on top of my head and placed two shower caps and one hat over the top and let it sit for around 5 hours.

Washing it out was fairly simple too.  All I did was let it soak under the water on each side, working it gently with my hands until the water ran mostly clear.  After that I used a generous portion of Coconut Conditioner from Sauve to get the last of the grainy bits out.  I then applied Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner and let that sit for a few minutes, washed it out.

Came out with super bright hairs that I’m extremely pleased with.  Henna oxidizes, so I’m waiting to see if the color deepens a bit over the next few days.  If not, I might do another or possibly gloss, just to deepen the color slightly.  I’m also going to go buy some bleach specifically for my eyebrows so I can lighten them up a couple shades and fill them in to match.

Overall, I’m really happy with my decision to go the Henna route as far as my hair goes.  Considering how much my hair has been through in the past couple weeks, it doesn’t feel brittle or gross or all that damaged.

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5 Beauty Products that can be substituted with just coconut oil!
Check it out!


5 Beauty Products that can be substituted with just coconut oil!

Check it out!

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SO, I have henna on my head right now and I’m really pleased with it so far.

I know a LOT of people complain about the application process and how long everything takes, but I really don’t mind it.
It wasn’t nearly as messy as I thought it would be (my paste wasn’t super runny so that might be why) and since I wasn’t afraid of it damaging my hair or having one part process way longer than the rest, I could go at a slow and steady pace to make sure I got the sections adequately. 

Also, mixing it up is super fun!  It’s like baking, but the outcome is (hopefully) pretty hairs!

Some people hate the smell and I have a horrible gag reflex, but after adding a bit of ginger powder to is was completely bearable.  It’s not burning my eyes, my scalp, my skin, anything..which is obviously one of the most unpleasant parts of chemical dyes.

This round I did 75% pure henna/25% pure cassia and I’m hoping to get some copper shade on my lightened hair.

Going to leave it on for probably at least 3 or 4 hours, possibly more, and see how it comes out. (:

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so I’m pretty much a broken record at this point, but sorry about the lack of content lately!

I’m in some transitioning stages with my hair right now to get it more the shade I want and it’s nottttttttt a pretty color right now.

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Anonymous asked: hi! when you're talking about the coconut oil do you mean, like, do a treatment beforehand? or do you mean actually apply the bleach to your hair while the coconut oil is also on your hair?


Both, kind of! It’s good to do the treatments regardless, but more specifically I meant to put it on your hair (preferably damp and don’t wash it/do it on a day you’ve washed it), let that soak into your hair for an hour or so and then apply the bleach on top of that. It still definitely bleaches your hair, but this way you kind of have a protective layer in between and with such I’ve noticed much less damage to my hair from the bleaching.

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Anonymous asked: Henna tattoos are cultural appropration but using it to dye your hair is certainly not! It's a plant with benefits which we should all embrace. I'm an Arab and henna is prominent in my culture so I know what I'm talking about.


Yay! Thank you so much for chiming in on this. it was rather difficult to get info about using it for hair specifically, so again, thank you!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any recommendations of where to shop for winter jackets? I've bought $26 jackets from Forever 21 these last two years because they actually fit nicely on me (fit my thick arms, broad shoulders and they have the string that ties at the waist making it look like actually do have one) but since we have dogs at home they always end up looking terrible. I don't have much money so the most I could probably spend is $50. Any advice??


Hello! Could you let me know roughly what kind of coat you’re wanting? Cause there’s the leather/pleather kind, puffy ones, trench/peacoats, bomber jackets, etc. It’ll help me narrow down what to look for (: as for recommendations off of my head, I would definitely check clearance for Simply Be and ASOS. I know Burlington Coat Factory has some plus ones too. Also, ebay!

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Can you handle all of this good good?

Photography: Nicole Kondra

Chubby Cartwheels sneak peak of her newest fall fashion.


Can you handle all of this good good?

Photography: Nicole Kondra

Chubby Cartwheels sneak peak of her newest fall fashion.

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Anonymous asked: How tall are you, sweetheart? Just curious. :)


I’m 5’6” (:

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Anonymous asked: It's definitely not cultural appropriation to try out henna. White people confused cultural exploration with appropriation all the time on tumblr and in regards to henna, it's a ridiculously common misconception that henna is only used at wedding rituals.


I mean, there are definitely instances of appropriation that I can completely understand and see (sometimes it takes a couple explanations and a fair amount of reading), but I just am not seeing this being one of them. If the plant itself held deep spirtual or cultural meaning then I would, but from what I’ve read it’s more about the intricate designs.
Really I just want to use it because it’s one of the healthiest ways to dye hair as well as it being a more cost effective method in maintaining it. Our bodies are exposed to enough toxins and things that aren’t good for it, so I figure trying to find an alternative method for this would be a positive thing.

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Anonymous asked: Hm. The only reason I wouldn't use henna is that it's widely considered cultural appropriation (though I'm white so I could be completely off base with that) but yeah I would look into that just in case O.o


I’m looking into it right now and everything that I’m reading is basically saying that the henna tattooing/designs that have significance are a no go, and using it as a hair dye or a stain is fine. If anyone has anything to add on this or perhaps a link that talks about it, I’d appreciate it. I really don’t like appropriating anything and while I’m fairly certain this doesn’t fall under that category, I still want to be as educated on it as I can.

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Anonymous asked: Maybe the henna anon meant the ask as in, "don't use henna because it's cultural appropriation." Not sure though. They would have to clarify. Just trying to cover all bases.


I didn’t even consider that. Mostly because I would think the cultural appropriation aspect would be in reference to the henna tattoos/designs, not the use of the actual plant/powder itself? Thank you for pointing out that possibility though! (:

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Anonymous asked: Honey I love you but please don't use henna




O.o would you like to elaborate? I’ve had a few people come to me saying I shouldn’t due to the fact that you can’t go back to regular dyes after doing so, but I already know that. I’ve researched it pretty damn thoroughly and I’ve wanted the same hair color for 5 years, it just so happens to be one that’s incredibly hard to maintain. However, since Henna doesn’t fade nearly as bad and it’s also not damaging for hair, it seems like the best option. I’m not making this decision lightly or on a whim.

Henna is fine and you can totally use it on dyed hair, and dye your hair again after you’ve used it. I’ve used it several times in the past couple years and my hair has been black, brown, red, and blonde with no problems. Just make sure you are using body art quality henna which is pure and doesn’t have metallic salts-which can be quite damaging to hair and interfere with re-dye-in it. In other words, much like you would with box dye, check the quality and ingredients of your henna before you use it! I got my henna from and it was lovely. 

Thanks for this! I guess I should have specified that I’m using pure henna and pure cassia and doing my own mixes, as to prevent the possible bad reactions that you’re referring to. I’ve really only heard positive things about it other than the premixed products as well as it being difficult to revert back. Soooo many people with healthier, happier hair after using it.

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