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Click for Questions/Comments! (apologies if I don't respond, I kind of suck at figuring out how to reply to messages sometimes. I have a lot of info on my FAQ/answered questions tag though!)   Hello! My names Becca and this is going to be dedicated to my fatshion, OotDs, and beauty related posts.  **My profile picture/avatar was made by**   I adamantly reject the notion that you have to look a certain way to feel good about yourself or wear whatever you want.
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I’m trying to clear out some of my closet for fall so I just added a few things to my Storenvy (:

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any annoyed facial expressions are courtesy of 70% humidity and it being over 90 degrees out.

top ~ target (xxl)
skirt ~ ebay (3x?)
shoes ~ journeys (11)
flower crown ~ petalprops via etsy
lipstick ~ maybelline color sensational in bit of berry

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I just opened a Storenvy and I’m taking preorders on my first item, gingham skirts, right now!  My products are available in ANY SIZE!


Signal boosting is appreciated on this friends!!  Hopefully these do well and I can make more designs!!

So cute!

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A roundup of Style Gallery standouts from this week! So much neverending inspiration from YOU. 

eeee<3<3 (:

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Angry Cat scarves!  I finally got around to taking some nice pictures of them!  

Also excited that I was able to make some fresh new colors!  The lavender is my favorite, but I do love the blue and the light green (which is a little bit more minty than the last green I had).  As for the pink, I only have a few left, so if you’d like one, be sure to pick one up on Etsy before they disappear!  I probably won’t be making more pink scarves for a while.

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New items added to my storenvy.

Sizes 22-28, 2X-4X

Some never worn, some gently used

Lots o’ dresses!

Simply Be, Avenue, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Target, Old Navy

Nothing over $15!!

Thanks for taking a look and reblogging!

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I just launched my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to start a line of tshirts designed by yours truly! I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could donate ANYTHING YOU CAN. Like seriously, even a dollar is so immensely helpful, you have no idea. AND THERE ARE PRIZES FOR DONATING! Sweet, sweet, glorious prizes.

Even if you can’t donate, please help me out by sharing the link and spreading the love!! REBLOG AND SIGNAL BOOST AND ALL OF THAT LOVELY TUMBLR STUFF. This has been a dream of mine for a while, and since I’m finally in a place where I can handle the workload, I would love to branch into this new field.

Follow this link to check out the project and donate!!


This is so exciting! :3

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to tell u how much I love your blog. I was stuck shopping with my dad and super thin step family, and we were clothes shopping, however the stores we went to didn't have plus sized clothes so I got really embarrassed and my step mom started yelling at me for being too fat for the bras and underwear there (which I needed to buy), so I hid and scrolled through your blog and I felt 100000% better. Thank you so much, I love you :)


oh gosh, I want to offer you a hug ; - ; I’m so sorry you had to go through that!! I was glad I could help in some way and I thank you for the sweet words and just know that you 200% do NOT deserve to ever be treated like that and your body is not justified cause for ridicule and you are just lovely the way you are.  your step mom needs to go practice not being such an elitist, shit excuse for a parental figure/person. I would totally go shopping with you and we’d go to actual stores that sell our sizes and if we couldn’t find any cute things then we’d just complain about how much the stores suck and how our bodies are great and go do something else fun and relaxing.<3

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Anonymous asked: To the anon replying to the other anon about sweaters, many thrift stores can be a great resource, but it's nice to keep in mind some of them support some not so great programs. Salvation army specifically is VERY anti-LGBT and have donated to very unfriendly programs, and discriminate against LGBT people both within the company and against LGBT homeless individuals. I understand that's maybe not everyone's biggest priority, but, it is kinda like, important.


OH YES. this. this is super important and I’m really glad you brought this up because I didn’t even think about them because I haven’t even seen them around here.  I’m definitely not in support of companies like this and I would hope my followers wouldn’t be either

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